The resort

“The place is very fascinating: we are near Sorso, on top of a gentle hill overlooking the sea with Asinara Island on the left and Corsica on the right. An expanse of secular olive trees and lush Vermentino vineyards dominate the scenery. Another young vineyard of Cannonau grapes, delight of Sardinia, lies a little higher, near the very top of the hill. There is also an ancient ruin with windows facing the entire gulf of Asinara in the middle of the land. This place was the subject of many local stories told over the centuries, now heritage of a few elderly people living in Sorso.

In simple words, for me it was a love at first sight and when the first time I sat down to enjoy the beauty of the scenery, I felt my entire life fulfilled.

The story goes on with me shaking hands with the previous owner, even before he was able to tell how much the property would cost me. This is how I became involved in the estate which still preserves its original name "Lu Ghisciu”. It was June the 7th of 2010.

How many dreams about the future! First I thought I did not want to share all this beauty with strangers, then after more thinking, I decided to share my joy with everyone, like people do when they win a trophy.

Initially I thought that I would build immediately a farm.  Later this project will become my house but also an elegant resort to welcome all lovers of life. We will offer wine and food produced locally at the estate under the wise guidance of Chefs and Sommeliers. And then there will be a beautiful swimming pool overlooking the sea. And why not try some Golf shot at a reserved training pitch?

For those who love the sea, a very long and wide golden beach is nearby.  For those interested in history who would like to explore the territory, the very interesting archeological site of Serra Niedda which dates back to the bronze age as well as other numerous archeological findings from the ancient Roman age are just a short pleasant walk from the resort.

The near beaches are worth a visit because each of them leaves you with a different memory and feel: from Platamona to Marina di Sorso, from Castelsardo to Isola Rossa, from Stintino to Porto Torres and Alghero, where the airport easily connects to the rest of Italy, Europe and UK.

All the above dreams are coming true by spring 2016. One day, we will open our eyes and the miracle will be accomplished”


Luigi Angelini



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