Food and wine

The province of Sassari is the largest in Sardinia . The Sassari , excluding the Gallura , presents a gastronomic wealth that derives also from the variety of the landscape : beaches , hills , small mountains , cultivated with vineyards and cereals , and the land devoted to farming and breeding . The " slugs " are one of the most popular dishes in the city of Sassari , cooked in various ways , and also the legs of lamb in spicy sauce with garlic . Derived from Genoa , however, is the " fainè " , tasty cake of flour chickpeas.

The hinterland offers meat-based  courses such as roasted pork, goat and lamb or boiled and stewed sheep and lamb, seasoned with olives or vegetables.  Another specialty is “zimino", which is a set of offal of  lamb or beef , including excel the diaphragm (parasangu), the "curls" or intestine (isthintinu), the rectum (cannaguru), but also the heart (chorus), the kidney (rugnoni), the spleen (ippiena);  However, among all, the piece  the most delicious is primuratti, ie the thymus (the sweetbreads)..  Onions from Banari, red and aromatic are also noteworthy.

Found throughout the entire area and to be tried, especially during the winter, are the tasty “broad beans with lard" along with the traditional bread spianata .  
Bread is presented in many forms (as on the entire Island) and is the result of the local bread-making tradition's customs and creativity; “su cabule" or “su pane fine", are a few types of elaborately worked flat breads.  

If you prefer fish dishes, typical of the coastal areas, the area is characterised by inviting fish soups with spicy tomato sauce, crustaceans or specialties like “octopus with potatoes".  
For dessert, try the delicate “sospiri", almond-paste based, aromatized with orange blossom flavoring or “copulettas", a sponge cake dessert and with almond flavoring.  

Special attention must be paid to the cuisine from Alghero, Catalan enclave in Sardinia, with it famous crustacean dishes. “Lobster Catalan style" must be mentioned, served according to the traditional recipe, with slight variations, and spaghetti with sea-urchin, protagonist of many local festivals.  The vineyards in the  region, in particular those in the area of Alghero and Sorso, have produced some of the most renowned wines in Sardinia: Moscato, Vermentino and Cannonau.