The village of Sorso is situated to the north of Sassari, at about ten kilometres from the capital and at the centre of a ring of olive groves and vineyards, part of the north-western Sassari territory. The village lies at just a few minutes from the sea and the sandy coastal stretch abounding with dunes covered with a lush vegetation of pines, junipers and dwarf-palms; furthermore, the lagoon of Platamona is found here, with its wealth of rare ornithological species. The far-stretching Marina di Sorso with its white beaches is extremely popular. The origins of Sorso are very remote; the territory was certainly inhabited in the Nuraghic and Pre-Nuraghic periods as demonstrated by the numerous archaeological sites of notable interest, also comprising the ruins of several nuraghi as well as the sacred well of Serra Niedda. Near the sea, the "Santa Filiddiga" “villa” dates to the Roman period and was inhabited during the Vandalic and Byzantine eras. During the period of the “Giudicati”, the village became part of the “Giudicato” of Torres. The historic centre has a medieval layout and is called “Bicocca” , set out in courtyards with houses built in simple architectural style in tuffaceous limestone from the local quarry. The Parish Church of San Pantaleo, dedicated to the Patron Saint of the village and erected in 1836, stands at the end of the main road, Corso Vittorio Emanuele.

One of the best time to visit Sorso is 26 May when it lays on its great traditional religious celebration in honor of Blessed Virgin of Noli Me Tollere.The festival is partly rural and partly town. It celebrates the miraculous statue that, according to popular tradition, disappeared from a church where it had been placed in the city center, to reappear in the place where now stands the chapel dedicated to the Virgin. Under the feet of the statue, when it was found, in a marble stone was written "Noli Me Tollere" (don’t move me). In 2008, it appealed the eighth centenary of the apparition.



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One of the specific features of Sorso is its language. In fact, the village, unlike the surrounding villages, is characterised by the original way its inhabitants speak. The dialect has a linguistic structure which derives from Logudorese, mixed with non-Sardinian elements and Corsican influences. It is a mixture of Sardinian, Tuscan and Genoese. The prized wines of Sorso are certainly one of its specialties, ranging from Vermentino to Moscato and Cannonau, together with its oil and the exquisite traditional sweets like the "Papassini" and "Li cozzuli di Saba". Sorso was also the birth-place of Salvatore Farina, the famed writer and one of the founders of the “Corriere della Sera” newspaper.

The beach of Marina di Sorso may be considered one of the most suggestive beaches in the area. Its crystalline waters, its snow-white sand and the natural vegetation (junipers, thistles, dwarf palm and sea lilies) make this corner of the coast one of the most popular in the area. The long-stretching beach neighbors on that of Platamona, and is made up of fine white grains of sand lapped by a blue sea. It is also very popular because it is very easy to get to, through one of the numerous entrances that lead to the main road and also for the fact that it offers plenty of facilities. First of all is of course the large car park.

Marina di Sorso is found in the place with the same name, in the commune of Sorso. It can be reached along the Provincial Road 81 from Platamona to Castelsardo.

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