The Restoration

Serra Niedda Farm & Resort arises from an ancient farm on the scenic hill overlooking the Asinara gulf. It preserves the business history and its ancient olive trees growing combined with arable and wine crops. Once on here, you will find two new vineyards, one for Vermentino and the other for Cannonau grapes, both of them with DOC credit.

Cantina Argiolas winemaker is the one in charge not only of the vinification process but of the harvest and production itself as well. High value ''Primarius'' Vermentino DOC, exclusively from the grapes of the farm, will be first sold in 2016 while the production of Cannonau will start the following year.

Immediately after the collections, olives are conferred in the local mill to ensure an extra virgin olive oil with the low acidity and the intense aroma typical of the Bosana variety. Though the production has already started, the “Oro dell Isola” extra virgin olive oil will be sold both directly from the farm and through e-commerce from 2016.

The antique farmhouse represents the heart of the company and it is not located by chance on the highest and most scenic position. The distinctive rural 350 square meters construction will preserve its own original feature notwithstanding the undergone restoration. Indeed we promise you that the structure, the architecture of the area and the rural environment of Sorso will survive this renovating process both in the used material and in the shapes and construction techniques. This can be noticed clearly from the simple, traditional, rectangular shape of the building with a gabled wooden roof, the lime plasters and the absence of external shading elements for fixture: everything convey to respect the tradition of the region. Following cultural rules, traditional interiors shutters will be adopted in place of doors or blinds.

Tradition and innovation, the whole structure will benefit of the more advanced technology: low energy radiant floor to heat and refrigerate the estate, pioneering video-surveillance system and wireless networking technology everywhere. The building will accommodate the owner’ s house and the catering and housing of the Resort also offering wide areas for exhibitions for local products ,tasting and different communal events. As allowed by Regional Law on Farm on the extension, the company could be equipped with 6 rooms and a total of 10 bedrooms: comfortable double or triple rooms which could be converted in single bedrooms, all with private bathrooms, personalized in colors and interior design. Obviously, comfort rate will be on the top even in this case: telephone, radio, color TV with satellite and cable channels, internet connection, IPod docking station, a safe, air conditioning and all the accessories for guests’ wellness. Step-free rooms will give access to the breath-taking panorama of the astonishing Asinara gulf.

Moreover, all-star specialists have designed a modern professional kitchen with the ambitious goal to be highlighted by the most famous institution, such as Slow Food, the Espresso and the Michelin Guide. And we will shortly reveal the name of the sublime personality who will be the chef in our restaurant. Up to 120 people can settle in the comfortable dining room, with a large fireplace; accessible toilets separated by gender will be at guest’s disposal.

A Cocktail Guru, who has already planned similar projects in London, Shanghai and Dubai, is the designer of the great bar in the resort. And it will be in this location that you could enjoy not only the wines and all the products of the farm but also a wide range of aperitifs and international cocktails. A relaxing area with games zone, solarium and a reading room will be also available for any guests. Furthermore, in the southern part of the estate, just before Cannonau vineyard, they are setting up a great training golf field.


In addition to all these amenities, in the garden adjacent to the building there will be a path for visually impaired aiming to expand and improve senses through the infrastructure itself. This brand new "Sensory journey”, a guided tour around all the Mediterranean scrub plants growing in the estate, both spontaneous and cultivated. This course will be integrated by the opportunity to take into the business areas. Once again, this chance is open to everyone!

On either side of the path there will be plants, each with its own panels (tactile maps). These about 1m-heigh plates are placed on stands and work as book holder. Each map will have the ethno-botanical description of the species in Italian, English and Braille. Everyone could have a full immersion in the surrounding environment! The trail will twist and turn on the north-eastern side of the building and will lead to green relaxing area with benches and a gazebo.

Finally, a massive pool, just in the most scenic place of the whole estate, will complete the offer of all the amenities.


In brief, our project aims to:

  • realize the owner’ s house and a fabulous and elegant resort offering services for both nights’ accommodation and catering. Diversifying all the farming activities, we give opportunities to the tourism market not only in terms of hospitality but also in terms of the promotion and (why not?) a likely marketing of the all farm products.
  • Create a series of spaces designed to increase the supply of recreational activities: small amphitheater for events and concerts; a solarium room which can potentially become a game-room including a billiard table; a reading/relaxing room. Simultaneously to these implementations, green areas will be soon available to all guests in the resort: the presence of benches, gazebos and a swimming pool will increase all the entertaining activities. Last but not least, the "sensory" path will increase the offer for the guests broadening the audience that can be hosted in a safe and properly designed place.
  • Provide the resort with a room for exposition of the local products. This solution with the wine and oil storage cellar for the fruit of the farm not only will increase the corporate marketing but will also encourage the development of all the network of micro - enterprises adhering with Serra Niedda farm.